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Circumstantial life

I would like to believe that I’m okay with the being that is me

Going by the day to day circumstances that eventually 

will accrue and create my eventual life. 

But reality is setting in. 

Why is it that when you reach a certain age, you seem to think that everything

you got going for you, you don’t? 

You start thinking about how you look, your weight, your family, school, work, all

that shit just piles up. 

I wanna meet some one who has lived a life free from worry. I may sound like an

asshole but I think people who know they’re gonna die, live a “YOLO”

life. An actual “I DON’T GIVE A FUCK” life, doing whatever the hell they want.

A life free from worry. 

But I guess the next best thing is to get drunk :)……. and get bitches.  

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Life is just a bunch of coincidental circumstances. I should make more of them happen to my favor. 

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True Blood » 1.01 “Strange Love

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asshole after my own heart 

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I Know You Know // Esperanza Spalding

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